Plantworthy Food
Plantworthy Food

Plant-Based: Made Easy

Plantworthy Food has one mission in mind: Make Plant-Based Food Easy.

Andrew Zuk Founded Plantworthy Food in 2018 while learning to cook plant-based alternatives. It quickly became clear creamy cashew plant-based foods can be delicious and nutritious but there was one problem. You needed a high powered blender and a lot of time on your hands.

Fast forward to 2021 and Plantworthy Food now produces cashew based products made from organic ingredients that are both gluten-free & dairy-free with no added preservatives, fillers or oils.

Best of all their products are non-perishable (can be stored in the pantry) so you can whip up quick & easy meals that are both delicious & nutritious. It's as easy as mixing in your favourite plant-based based milk, heating and you're ready to enjoy!

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