W Box Subscription

Let’s try answering you questions regarding the subscription

When does the subscription box ship?

Can I change the address linked to the subscription box

Can I change my dietary preferences?

Can I cancel my subscription box?

General Questions

Let’s try to fix your general issues.

Do you have a physical store?

I cannot login or reset password.

What is my order status?

Where do I leave a review?

Product Inquiries

Let’s try to find answers about products.

One of my items has not arrived / is damaged.

Can I return a product?

I tried the product but I dont like it

I have received an expired product.

Shipping Inquiries

Let’s try to fix your shipping issues.

How long does delivery take?

How much does shipping cost?

What happens if I am not home to receive my order?

How can I track my order?

Do you have any more questions?
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