Sea Salt Coarse Unrefined, 1Kg


Salt is a kitchen essential, and our artisanal sea salt from Trapani will replace your everyday commodity salt with a truly artisanal product. Gathered from the low waters of the Mediterranean Sea along the northwest coast of Sicily, this salt is naturally rich in iodine, fluorine, magnesium and potassium, with a much lower percentage of sodium chloride than regular table salt. This sea salt is produced in the ancient salt mine called moranella or closed built in 1884 in Trapani. The salt pan is located within the "oriented nature reserve" managed by the WWF. Harvested and packaged by hand using traditional methods, this salt is not processed and is free from any chemical treatment: this allows all the precious mineral substances to be kept intact.

This real Italian sea salt adds more “salt” flavor to food, with less sodium, so use a pinch to naturally enhance the taste of all your favorite dishes. Sale grosso, or coarse salt, is ideal for preserving foods; its larger grains penetrate food more slowly, resulting in a more even dehydration. The grains dissolve quickly in water, so use it for brine solutions or boiling pasta.

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