OGGI Crusts Pack (Total x4 Cauliflower + x4 Butternut)

4 pack
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/ 4 units (12.50$ each)

CAULIFLOWER PIZZA CRUST(GLUTEN FREE/VEGAN) BUTTERNUT SQUASH PIZZA CRUST(GLUTEN FREE/VEGAN) First we mastered the Neapolitan style gluten free crust and now we’ve mastered the plant-based pizza! Our award winning cauliflower crust allows you to create/customize your very own pizza creations!

With each pizza being hand stretched and stone baked the result is a vibrant plant-based pizza crust with authentic Neapolitan flavor. With many people struggling to find a great tasting gluten free pizza. Our company wanted to create a frozen pizzas that everyone will enjoy. These vegan pizza crusts will have even non-vegans looking for a second slice!

Our gluten free pizza is easy to prepare allowing you more time to spend enjoyed at the table! Oggi Foods is the only gluten free pizza in the industry with rising air pockets. All of our pizzas are gluten free certified and made in a gluten free facility. Modern nutrition, with Oggi’s classic Neapolitan tradition!

OGGI Foods
Authentic Italian Gluten-Free Foods!


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