Plantworthy Food Cheeze Variety Pack

Plantworthy Food Cheeze Variety Pack

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Plantworthy Food's Cheeze Variety Pack has 4 x 60g Cheeze Pouches with Original, Smoky Cheddar, Chipotle and Pesto flavours. Made with Non-GMO Organic Cashews these Cheeze Sauces are non-perishable, packed with flavour AND are unbelievably healthy.

When you mix these Cheeze Sauces with your favourite plant-based milk you get to choose if you want it creamy, saucy or melty! See Cooking Instructions on the side of the Cheeze Variety Pack.

How much Cheeze is in each pouch?

  • 2 plates of Cheezy Nachos
  • 3 bowls of Original Mac N Cheeze
  • 4 Grilled Cheezes

Get creative with Plantworthy Food's Cheeze Sauces or follow some of their delicious recipes at

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