Plantworthy Food Chipotle Cheeze Family Pack - 300g

Plantworthy Food Chipotle Cheeze Family Pack - 300g


Plantworthy Food's Chipotle Cheeze Sauce is made with Non-GMO Organic Cashews and has that spice kick you’re looking for. Their Chipotle Cheeze Sauce is non-perishable, packed with flavour AND is unbelievably healthy!

When you mix their Chipotle Cheeze Sauce with your favourite plant-based milk you get to choose if you want it creamy, saucy or melty! See Cooking Instructions below.

Each 300g pouch has 10 Servings per pouch. How much is that?

  • 10 plates of Cheezy Nachos
  • 20 bowls of Mac N Cheeze
  • 20 Grilled Cheezes

Get creative with Plantworthy Food's Cheeze Sauces or follow some of their delicious recipes at

Plantworthy Food
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